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Kurl-on  Mattresses

Comfortable For You and Your Wallet. Kurl-on Prime is a Three – Layered mattress for those who want a great sleep experience at a great price. it will ensure that you will always get a good night rest.

The Kurl-on Shimmer mattress is where quality sleep meets a pocket- friendly price. it gives your body all the support it needs, so you can have the good night rest that you deserve.

Kurl-on Goldmine is definitely a mattress you will treasure. it provides firm support to the body and has enhanced durability to make sure that you can sleep well for a long time.

Kurl-on Settle is all the support your body needs. it is both firm and provides enhanced durability to make sure that you can sleep well for a long time.

Kurl-on GEM is the medium-soft mattress of your dreams. it is lightweight, easy to move around, and supports your whole body. it is cozy snugness is just what someone needs for a good night rest.

Let your sleep be as legendary as your dreams. Kurl-on Legend is a medium-soft mattress that ensures that you always have a balanced surface along with optimal back support. The mattress is made in such a way that it stays fresh for a long time.

Your sleep will now forever be prosperous with the Kurl-on prosper mattress. it is three-layered and made of high GSM fabric, so as to provide the body with optimal support.

Experience the happiness of a good night rest with Kurl-on joy. this medium firm mattress provides a great sleeping experience, while it is expert quilting enhances the snugness comfort.

Kurl-on Siesta is just what you need if you are looking for restful sleep, any time of the day. This memory foam mattress provides greater comfort, breathable fabric and long lasting durability.

The dream filled sleep that you have been waiting for is here. Kurl-on Gaze comes with three layers of pure comfort. it is designed to mould it self to your body contour and return to it is original foam when not being used.

A medium-firm mattress that delivers an amazing sleeping experience on coir. The coir keeps the mattress cosy, while the bonded foam provides all the support your body needs.

A stylish choice that is also good for your body, this multi-layered foam mattress provides maximum comfort to your spine and helps ease pressure points.

When you need a mattress that stays fresh and delivers extrs bounce, look no further than Kurl-on Glory. The Motion Separation index technology ensures that weight shifting on one side does not affect the other, so you rest easy  at all times.

Kurl-on Jewel will add a spring to your step, right from the moment you wake up. The bonnell spring core gives the mattress a proper support as well as sinking feel which enable you to get a bliss full night of sleep without any disturbance.

Meet Kurl-on Kasper. An ultra-comfortable spring mattress that adds some delightful bounciness to your sleep. It is soft dimensions and symmetric design will have you falling asleep in no time at all.

A top notch spring mattress with five layers for the most luxurious sleep experience. Kurl-on 5-Star is so soft and bouncy, you may never feel like leaving your bed.

Indulge in the kind of sleep you have always dreamt about with Kurl-on Nirvana. This five-layer luxury mattress is a blissful blend of ultra-soft comfort and bounce to help give you the best experience possible.

Exactly the kind of mattress for those who want an eco-friendly choice, Kurl-on Super Coir is natural and adds a layer of snugness to create a truly special sleeping experience.

A  mattress that is naturally good for the human body, the Rebel Srat8 mattress is made of coir to help keep you dry and cosy. it is designed in such a way that it takes your sleep experience to the next level.

A mattress that delivers a terrific combination of nature, therapy and technology. Kurl-on Ortho Spine is a three layer sleeping experience for those who want the complete package.

It does not get better than Kurl-on Dazzle. The top-class engineering in this mattress ensures that you have that luxury comfort and a sleep experience unlike anything else.

Kurl-on Celebrate comes with six layers of nothing but comfort. The aesthetic design comes with a host of features that deliver everything you need for the best sleep you can get.

The Expertise of Kurl-on combined with the natural goodness of coir. Kurl-on Alive is guaranteed to have you waking up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

With Kurl-on Koir, you get the best of both worlds. The very best mattress technology available today and the natural goodness of coir. it relaxes and rejuvenates both your mind and body.


Say hello to the best kind of luxury sleep. Kurl-on Embellish comes packed with everything you need to sleep like royalty. This ultra comfortable mattress is also extra durable and will last you a long time.

Looking for a mattress where you can sleep to your heart content and enjoy firm support. Kurl-on inspire is the right one for you. It comes with lush layers and durable materials so you can have the best sleep possible.

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